Stress has become unavoidable in a world of busy schedules. Massage therapy is one of the techniques that people have found helpful in relieving stress. While some people can afford to often visit a massage therapist, to most this may remain a dream. This is why we provide you with easy therapeutic massage techniques that you can perform on yourself daily to relieve your stress. The first one is massaging the bottom of the scalp. This is at the point where the head and the neck meet. You start by interlocking your fingers and pushing your thumbs where the appendages meet.

Continue to do so for at least 20 seconds. The second technique is massaging the space between your eyes commonly known as the third eye. This is done by putting your index finger firm on the spot and tapping it at least 20 times. Take a deep breath after and then repeat the process for as long as necessary. The final technique is ear massage which is very easy yet totally relaxing. You do it by pulling down the lobes after which you gently massage the inside of the earlobe. Repeat the relaxing process for as long as you need to.

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